Why salekaar.com?

salekaar.com is a free classified advertisement website to connect buyers and sellers around the globe . you can post your advertisement for free or you can buy products from millions of people who posted their adds to sell their items . You can find products from mobiles to furniture , business & industrial items , computer accessories and laptops , gaming items for your kids and your self , house or apartment for sale near your area or you can rent out your apartment in just a click .  salekaar.com is committed to provide you the best business and buying/selling opportunities from all over the world . 


salekaar.com is committed to provide the best platform to connect buyers and sellers from anywhere in the world.

Best Products

you can search from 100s of adds posted by sellers to find best products or offers as it may suit you . 

Avoid sending money to any one:

However Salekaar.com does not encourage you to send your money through western union or other means directly to the seller without seeing the products, always prefer to buy from people near you and check the products in order to avoid scam and frauds .  

Terms and Conditions : 

Please go through the terms and conditions page as well where you can find the terms and conditions of this website . 

we wish you a happy buying and selling . 

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