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Department Definition
The Human Resources, Workforce and Volunteers department (HRD) is responsible for delivering an exceptional workforce who will deliver an exceptional Expo. HRD includes the following functional areas: Human Resources Operations (HRO), Workforce (WKF), Volunteers (VOL), Internal Communications, Training & Engagement (IET), Emiratization & Expo Academy (EMI).

The Workforce function is responsible for the scoping, planning, processing, welfare and wellbeing of all Workforce (Paid Staff, Volunteers and Contractors) in the lead up to and during event time.

Opportunity Responsibilities
The Manager, Workforce Operations is responsible for the implementation and delivery of the venue-based operations for the Workforce Department; including the management and encouragement of the Workforce Operations venue teams. The scope will include upholding Workforce policies and procedures throughout various planning phases; collaborating with the wider Workforce Team and working with a multitude of FAs (key FAs being Venue Operations, Catering and Transport) to ensure workforce services are delivered on venue.

Main responsibilities for this role include:

- Deliver and manage the functional and operational plans for all aspects of the Workforce Operations programme;

- Responsible for evolving the design and delivery plan of site operations for Workforce;

- Understand the Workforce Operations central delivery plan as part of the Operations Centre and manage the regular reporting, attrition mitigation and management as well as contingency planning to resolve Event Time workforce issues;

- Work with key service providers such as Catering and Transport to ensure Workforce services are planned and delivered;

- Contribute to and deliver the Workforce Operations Role Specific and Operation Specific training and Manager on-boarding;

- Collaborate, support and engage a large team of paid staff and volunteers who will deliver Workforce Operations on site;

- Scope all physical operation spaces, overlay, technology and other equipment associated with Workforce delivery on site;

- Build and maintain strong client focused relationships with all Functional Areas and work to update and confirm detailed site requirements for all areas;

- Manage scheduling for the Workforce Operations Team and support the Workforce Services team in ensuring scheduling deadlines are met across all FA’s;

- Collaborate with the wider Workforce Team on a day-to-day, operational basis.

6+ years of relevant experience, as well as:

- A Bachelor's degree within a relevant field;

- Experience in engaging with higher management;

- Able to balance the large-scale FA operation while understanding the strategic, detail-oriented planning required to deliver it;

- Advanced MS office (Excel in particular);

- Ability to work effectively in a new environment;

- Experience working on previous international, mega events;

- Previous experience working with volunteers.

Opportunity Details
Job Location
Dubai, UAE
Employment Status
Full time
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